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Macau x LEGO® Exhibition
Macau first Short-Film Festival
Latin American Film Festival
“Traditional Chinese Lantern Workshop – Part 16”
Book Presentation - "Amores do Céu e da Terra"
Tracey Emin gets first solo show in China
Delacroix, the father of Modern art
China's Guizhou province traditional costumes exposition opens in Moscow
ICA finds Pop art jackets in its closet
Chinese Festival of Light marked in Britain
11 cities set up union to protect intangible cultural heritage along Yangtze
Tap Seac Gallery

Paintings by Charles Chauderlot
Charles Chauderlot
  10/6/15 ~ 6/12/15 Archival Exhibition ‘Shanghai Portuguese Refugees in Macau‘
  8/7/15 ~ 9/12/15 "Images for Thought" by Choi Su Weng
  17/10/15 ~ 3/1/16 Zhou Chunva-New Works 2015


PRD Culture

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  Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government  
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