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Browse this listing to learn about the associations benefiting Macaus arts community. Not only do these powerful groups support artists, they are responsible for the majority of private cultural events taking place in Macau.

Nickname / Sex / Birthday Date
Anita Fung Pou-Chu  Female  11-3
Born in Macau, Lecturer and course co-coordinator, in Escola Superior de Artes, Institute Polytechnic de Macau. Has been a Visiting Assistant Professor teaching in University of Hong Kong.Master in Fine Art , University of London, (The Slade School of Fine Art), UK .
Carol Archer  Female  1960
Carol Archer is currently completing a doctoral dissertation on the topic of painting and feminist aesthetics at the University of Hong Kong. Archer teaches art history and practice (drawing and painting) as well as English as a foreign language. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy from Sydney University in 1981 and a Master of Arts degree in Visual Arts (by research) from the University of Western Sydney in 1998. She has exhibited her work in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Italy.
Christopher  Male  1958
Kelen’s (only recently commenced) work as a visual artist – in photography, ink and wash drawing/painting and in pseudo-calligraphic styles – has appeared in a number of on-line journals and web-sites, as cover illustrations for several books and in conference presentations, most recently at the Imaginal Regions Symposium at Gray’s School of Art (Robert Gordon University), Aberdeen, U.K., sponsored by the U.K.’s Arts and Humanities Research Board.   Cross-media, cross-cultural and cross-genre endeavours are the hallmark of Kelen’s aesthetic output and this interest in work ‘between’ anticipated forms and cultural milieu makes Macao an ideal place for his art practice. Kelen has written a considerable body of poetry and prose fiction set in Macao and/or dealing with Macao related subject matter. He has also written and recorded a number of Macao themed multilingual songs, including the blues ballad ‘San Ma Lo’ and a hymn to road safety, ‘You’ve got to make yourself big when you’re crossing the road.’ (The latter is in Cantonese, Portuguese, Putonghua and English.)
Cindy Ng Sio leng  Female  28 Dec 1966
Cindy, Ng Sio leng was born in Macao in 1966. She studied etching for a few years around 1990, as a student of Bartholomeu dos Santos, who was the Head of Department of Etching in the Slade School of Fine Arts of London University; and Mr. James Wong was her mentor. A brief stay in London from 1993 to 1994 became a turning point in her life as an artist. She was advised by Mr. Bartolomeu dos Santos to visit the Research Office of the Gallery of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting at the British Museum, where she studied a rich collection of calligraphy and paintings, interpreting the moods of the works of scholar-painters, and learning about the influence of Taoism on Chinese aesthetics. This experience greatly enriched her later works.
Denis Murrell  Male  2 March 1947
- Born at Ferntree Gully, near Melbourne on 2 March 1947. - Studied art during secondary school and this included four years of the history and appreciation of art. - Graduated as a teacher of English as a Second Language at The Australian School of Pacific Administration, Sydney. - Commenced teaching in Papua New Guinea in 1967, and taught English and Art in secondary schools until 1973. - Lecturer in English, Papua New Guinea College of Allied Health Sciences, Port Moresby, 1973-1979. - Lecturer in English and Basic Studies, Popopondetta Agricultural College, Papua New Guinea, 1979-1981. - Taught English in primary and secondary schools in Australia from 1982-1989. - Relocated to Macau in February, 1989.
Ho San  Female  
Ms Ho Pui San (Donna, pen name Ho San) gained the art bachelor degree in South China Normal University. Hereafter she gained the oil painting master degree in Guangzhou Fine Art College. She is the board member in Macao Art Society. Also has the member of Macao Fashion Designers’ club. She ever practices her painting skill in the direction of Ms Pan jinxia, Ms Pan jinlin and Mr. Tang zhishen. She ever studied fashion design in CPTTM. She once was a fine art teacher in Hou Kong Middle School. Now she is a teacher in Career Development Center and school of art of Macao Polytechnic Institute. She also teaches fashion illustration in Macao productivity and technology transfer center.
Joey Ho  Female  
Member of Friends of Culture Circle and Centre of Study of Oriental and Occidental Arts and Cultures.
Born in Lisbon, Portugal Graduated in Art – Sculpture - from Faculdade de Belas Artes of Lisbon University. Permanent member of “F.I.D.E.M.” - Fédération Internationale de la Médaille Permanent member of “Volte Face”. SOLE PAINTING EXHIBITIONS ."Noisy Undiscovered Taste" – Creative Macau, Julho 2007 ."Ritmos Suspensos" - Livraria Portuguesa – IPOR - Macau, Abril 2007. ."simBiose" - Sala do Veado – Museu de História Nacional - Lisbon, Portugal, December 2006. .“Hora de Re.creio” - Casa de Cultura D. Pedro V Gallery – Mafra, Portugal, October 2005; .“Vestígios” – Instituto Politécnico - Castelo Branco, Portugal, November 2005.
Sio In Leong  Male  1951
Sio In Leong was born in Macau in 1951. He participate exhibitions in Macao, China, Portugal, Japan and Hong Kong.
Wang Lan  Male  
Position: Associate Professor and doctoral supervisor, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology Research Areas:Creation and Theory of Art, Chinese and Foreign Art History, Design Theory
YEU Chiu Yee, Grace  Female   
Grace has held senior management positions in the international cosmetics industry, and started painting for pleasure in her leisure time. Her talent and creativity were self-learned until she was discovered by Professor Chan Hoi who was her mentor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art where she graduated for her Master Degree. Her extensive traveling and living in cities has provided a rich resource for her imagination and is the stimulation for a number of her projects. Her passion for life is reflected in her paintings through the use of bold, vibrant colours and very energetic brushstrokes. Master Degree in Art (MA), Major in Oil Painting, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art Moved to Macao with her husband in 2012 and is working on her oil paintings in her Macao workshop Her paintings have been collected by art lovers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macao and the UK. Website: www.graceyeu.com

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